Von D shoes is a luxe shoe brand made using only 100% vegan materials, designed by Kat Von D.

After years of researching fabrics, non animal-based adhesives, and trying to find a factory that not only celebrates the art of making shoes, but supports a kind and compassionate working environment, Kat set on a mission change the way people thought about vegan fashion

Von D shoes are handcrafted by a tight-knit family of artisans in Italy, home of the world’s legendary shoemakers.

We are not interested in contributing to the “fast fashion” culture that’s so destructive to the environment, and equally as destructive to the human psyche. We believe things shouldn’t be treated in such a disposable manner, and instead, strive to make shoes that will last a lifetime.

Like every project, Kat is part of the entire creative process. From designing the shoes by hand to selecting fabrics and hardware, box design, logos, tissue paper design, to art directing and producing the campaigns, and partnering with various charities to raise money and awareness on animal rights and environmental issues that affect all of us.

“Von D shoes isn’t just about making beautifully designed shoes. I want to make it easy for people to live a cruelty-free life.” - Kat Von D